Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Pattern: Coming Home Poncho and matching Beret

I've been awfully busy these days, haven't been able to keep up my blog. Fortunately, I have some time this evening to catch up on posts of my latest projects! I recently made a green coming home poncho in green, as requested by the recipient, and a matching beret.

The links to the free patterns for the poncho and beret can be found here:

Free Pattern: Coming Home Poncho

Free Pattern: Bridgette Beret

I followed the instructions for the poncho, just left out the edging. The pattern for the beret also has a correction, which can be found here.

I was asked why the girl requested such a deep color green, I suppose she is a Raja soccer team fan; Raja is a Moroccan soccer team whose team color is green. I personally don't mind green, but I prefer emerald green or olive green, goes with my complexion. ;)

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