Monday, March 3, 2014

Swish With a Twist Cloth

I joined a knit along with the Creative Magazine Group on Ravelry. The first pattern was the 'swish with a twist cloth'. It took me a while to figure out how to do the cables, but I finally did and the result was a very nice bright yellow cloth:

I did mentally take some notes, of which I will post here for others to benefit from and for myself to remember the next time I decide to knit up this cloth.

  • When you get to row 8: K8, yarn forward, sl 1 purlwise, yarn back over needle, k2, yarn forward, sl 1 purlwise, yarn back over needle, k4… and continue in this manner to avoid the awkward loop on the right side.
  • When slipping the sl sts on the right side, you don't bring the yarn forward. Just slip them purlwise.
  • When you get up to the first w2 on the wrong side, you bring the yarn forward, then you slip the needle purlwise into the first loop, then you drop the second loop. Yarn back into knitting position, k2, then repeat.
  • you are left with one loop from each w2 that you worked. The reason why you must wrap it twice on row 7 is to elongate the stitch.
And as for the second cloth released the next Friday, which was the 'turn back time' spa cloth, I tried knitting from the center out on a set of 4 dpn's, and what I ended up with was fumbled up yarn and fingers, and a hot mess. Never mind. On to the next cloth they released last Friday! After I get through all the loads of other stuff that I have to do. :D

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