Friday, March 7, 2014

Free Pattern Friday

I plan to post up a free pattern every Friday, so please check in on Fridays and have a peek. Today I'll be talking about my own pattern, which is free for the month of March- my 'Quick-Knit Ribbed Gloves' pattern on Ravelry. The reason why I love this pattern is because it is easy to memorize, and it's a unisex pattern so I just change up the colors according to the gender of the wearer. I literally made these gloves for every member of my family this year. It started with me making some for myself, then my daughter requested a pair, then my toddler, then my two sons, and finally my husband. And on top of that, I made a pair for my sister-in-law, who has requested a second pair, and her daughter would also like a pair too. So that's plenty of knitting love going around this year. :)

If you download this pattern, please post up your finished projects on my Ravelry page! I'd love to see it.

Click here to get your free pattern.


  1. The beads on these gloves make them super unique. I love the choice of yarn color also. I"m not much of a knitter, but I'll be sure to share your pattern on facebook.

  2. The beads add a nice feminine touch to these gloves. Thanks for commenting, I must have a look at your Facebook page. :)