Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm On a Roll Today

It's a quiet Sunday morning in Morocco, and I can hear chickens clucking away outside of my home, looking for a worm or a piece of bread to peck at. My heart is at rest, my mind is peacefully ticking, my hands are knitting away, and I'm feeling a certain way today.

Today is the day that I've decided to start a blog, totally dedicated to my love of knitting and crochet- a platform where I shall allow my crafting abilities to shine. Thus the name craft-star-studio. I have taken my inspiration from many places, especially UmmAyan, whom I have spoken to recently and who requested me to have a look at her blog, which is full of patterns, recipes and tutorials:

What I am working on at the moment, is a headband to go with my recently published knitting pattern, 'quick-knit ribbed fingerless gloves.'

The pattern for the gloves can be found here:

I wanted some fingerless gloves that were easy to make, and something with a unisex design so that I could make some for anyone. I came up with these gloves, and they have certainly become very sought after. I've made a pair for every single member of my immediate family, and now I'm getting requests from several customers. I'm knitting up 3 pairs in black today.

I'm also trying to connect with crafters who live in Africa, to find out if we can form a network and share some distinctly African designs. I am yet to get responses on that, but I am letting the Ravelry posts I started on the topic marinate- perhaps I will get some enthusiasts in time.

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